Cruises in June​

Take a summer break with fantastic June cruise deals


Balmy weather and radiant skies: kickstart your summer holidays with a memorable June cruise! Leave everyday life behind to savour a feeling of discovery at the best holiday destinations in June. With this perfect early summer holiday, you’ll enjoy long sunny days to make the most of life onboard and lengthy port stays to discover each destination to the full.

Maybe you’ll journey around the shores of the Mediterranean from Italy to Greece or from France to Portugal, discovering ancient ruins, iconic landmarks, and golden beaches. Or will the pulsating vibrancy of Miami, Mexico and Puerto Rico and the swaying palm trees of the Caribbean draw you to more tropical vibes? Then again, maybe you want to travel through the cosmopolitan cities, fantastical Fjords and wild landscapes of the cooler Arctic north as you explore natural wonders under the midnight sun?

Whatever cruise you choose, be transported in impeccable style and comfort to your next adventure. With a variety of itineraries, ranging from 3 to 21 nights on some of the newest ships of MSC Cruises’ innovative fleet, enjoy stunning sights, delicious food and lavish facilities. So, plan your June holiday now and enjoy our fantastic June cruise deals.