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Savour life to the fullest on a Grand Voyage of discovery

Venturing through the seas, overcome distances, and building bridges between cultures. The wealth of different perspectives is truly embraced with MSC Grand Voyages. Unlock a world of astonishing discovery with an accurate selection of Transatlantic cruises and repositioning cruises. Delight in the beauty of the open seas sailing from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean or crossing the Atlantic from Europe to Brazil and Argentina. Revel oceans' majesty from South Africa, heading towards the Mediterranean via the Seychelles


For your transatlantic and repositioning cruises in 2024 and 2025, choose from a selection of 37 cruises across 17 different ships, and discover over 35 countries and 100 ports. Sailing on a transoceanic cruise means leisurely gilding across the seas to iconic destinations, finally having time on one's side. With each intercontinental travel lasting anywhere from 10 to 30 days, these Grand Voyages are lengthier than usual! Crossing oceans is to hark back to travel's golden age and relive sea adventures of the past. You'll have numerous options to choose from with MSC Grand Voyages routes! 

An Authentic Discovery

Travelling from one continent to another, grants another rare freedom. Free from everyday life and with the space to relish the tranquility of life at sea, you can relax into the leisurely rhythm of your transatlantic crossing. Reading that book, sipping that cocktail, lazing by the pool and savoring that delicious meal are all possible. As the days sail by, experience everything a cruise offers, enjoy an all-inclusive lifestyle, and take advantage of the ship's many facilities. On MSC Cruises, every detail is designed with your pleasure in mind!